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"FLV" series apps have been renamed "All Video" series

We renamed the "FLV" series apps to "All Video" series in August 2020, and released version 7.

More and more users ask us why our "FLV" downloader downloads MP4 videos instead of FLV videos. FLV (Flash video) was the most common type of video format used around the world, but in recent years, fewer and fewer video sharing web sites support FLV. MP4 and WebM have taken over. Few young people know FLV.

Not only FLV format, our programs also supports MP4, WebM, AVI, MKV, AAC, and many other video and audio formats. So we choose the new  name  - "All Video":
"FLV Downloader" >> "All Video Downloader".
"FLV Downloader Pro" >> "All Video Downloader Pro".
"FLV Player" >> "All Video Player".

Your license works with the new version - 7. Please don't worry about it.

If your system is Windows XP or you want to use FLV series, please download and install version 6 from We are still maintaining and updating version 6.